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The Pregnancy and Post Partum Anxiety Workbook

23 May

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Catholic wife and mom of 5 shares the primary resource that helped her on her journey of recovery from anxiety. The Pregnancy and PostPartum anxiety workbook.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/belikelilies/ on Facebook for more resources and videos. That is an affiliate link to amazon. I will receive a minor amount from your purchase.

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Nursing in the van

10 Jan

We have an old Chrysler minivan that contains our three children in three carseats.  The older two are in the back bench seat.  One facing forward, one facing back.  We took out one of the captain chairs and have the baby (new baby) in the other seat.  The empty space is pretty great to access everyone and get all strapped into their seats.

Today’s moment of crazy was after my first venture to the grocery store by myself with all three children.  New baby was getting restless & hungry and I held him for most of the trip while pushing the cart where the other two were in the strap seats.  I must say I’m pretty proud of myself for maneuvering a giant grocery cart containing a carseat and two toddlers with one hand.  That’s not the crazy part.

Crazy came when we got back to the car.  Grocery employee helped load the groceries while I loaded the children.  Then I climbed into the back with the others and sat down in the missing chair spot so I could nurse the baby.  I’m sitting against the wall of the car with the sliding door to my right and the back bench seat to my left.  Crazy was me nursing the baby while the girl (middle baby) climbed into and fell out of the oldest’s carseat…over and over and over.  Oldest kid was playing with the big window in the door.  Hands and head were repeatedly put on the window until he bonked his head.  Then leaned his forehead into my face so I could kiss his bonk.  Kudos to him for not actually crying.  Then, I had oldest climb over me to get to the seats.  Remember, middle is still climbing up into the forward facing chair and falling back out of it onto the back of my left shoulder.  Plus, I’m continuing to nurse the baby in my lap.

Once I was done with the baby, I changed his diaper and put him in his carseat.  Oldest had gotten into middle’s carseat because middle was in his.  I tried to strap them that way (just because I was tired) but oldest didn’t fit.  So I had to put them right.  Meanwhile, baby started to really scream and cry.  The kind of new baby cry that sounds cute to others but is gut wrenching and tears the heart out of the mother.  waaah waaah waaah WAAAAH.  Top of his lungs.  Since he’s my third, I know he’s not going to die and I can put it off till we get moving.

I climb out of the car and shut the door.  Ah, peace and quiet for the 6 steps it takes for me to walk around the car to my door.  Then newborn screech again until the car starts up and moves.

Thus ends the crazy.